On Sunday 15 April 2018 23:14:48 Chris Albertson wrote:

> The O.P. wants to run his central A/C off this.
> This means a CONTINOUS draw of 350 amps from a 12 volt battery.
> Think about that 350 amps.   This is going to be one friggin large
> bank of batteries and as much as I would like to say "go with LiPo" or
> some other exotic type. the COST would be horrific.  As it is a
> battery this size is going to cost between $15K and $20K using best
> value lead acid.
> Going off grid is really hard and EXPENSIVE.  But today the best
> solution is not off-grid.  It is a "grid tie" system.   This works
> because you don't need the $20,000 rack of batteries.   What you do is
> run off the wind and solar when it is available and off the grid power
> when wind/solar is not available.    The grid acts just like a battery
> except it is free.   When you have excess power the local utility buys
> it from you.   The you buy it back at night when the solar cells don't
> work.   The effct is the same as owning a battery but you save 20
> grand.
And I already have a nat gas fired auto standby.

> OK if you want power during a utility power failure you do need a
> battery but you don't need a big one because you just live without the
> air conditioning so you do fine with 10% size battery bank

With the wifes copd, the AC is mandatory in a WV summer.  I've had it 
going some of the last 3 days already.

> Of if you are really worried about power failure buy a Toyota Prius. 
> A Prius has a gas engine and a really big generator that can power
> your entire house if you instal a 110VAC inverter.   A Prius gas tank
> is something like 10 gallons and will run your house for a couple
> days.  The gas engine come on and off as required to top off the
> battery.    The Prius has a $9,000 battery that works well for
> powering a house for a day or so or for general tail gaiting.  A Prius
> is a LOT more powerful than a portable Honda generator.  I have one of
> these and the MPG rating is conservative at 50MPG.  It works well for
> doing to/from work too.

I've considered that too, but the cost of a new Prius is out of reach, 
and any used Prius is for sale because the battery is run out.

We have an older RAV4, a 2007, and its so low tech it thinks enabling the 
CC is engaging it. Lots of stuff its ECC could do but doesn't. Like tell 
you which tire is low. Right now I've got a bad sensor and I'm betting 
its the same one I had put in last fall ($80) as I've got 40+ psi in all 
5 tires, or did have last week, and the damned light is still on. Rusty 
steel wheels, I have to go around it with a air hose once a week. The 
steering feels like its got rusty ball joints and no lubricant between 
the steering wheel and the ground. The dealer tried to sell me a $400 
water pump 5 years back, I put about a qt of makeup antifreeze in it for 
the first time late last fall. I get trade-in offers of 4 grand against 
a new one all the time. The local dealer can't fix the dragging 
steering, but is all too willing to fix the high dollar stuff its never 
needed. I put $22,500 and a minivan trade-in in it when I bought it in 
2009 with 22k on it, It has less than 70k on it now, and has logged less 
than 250 miles since the missus broke a hip in Feb 2017. My kidneys can 
do farther than its 12 gallon gas tank so you know its getting under 20 
mpg yet its running as well as ever. So right now I might buy another 
toy if I needed a little car, but I sure wouldn't buy it from this 

> On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 4:50 PM, jeremy youngs <jcyoung...@gmail.com> 
> > > In the midst of this, I would stay away from lead acid , you can
> > > find ev take out batteries reasonable on fleabay, I recommend nimh
> > > if you can
> >
> > find
> >
> > > them as they require far less control than lipo .

They, nimh, also have a higher self discharge rate. you only get back 90% 
of what you put in at best.

> > > I have a xantrex 
> > > 2 k modified sine inverter that works very well and has a 100 amp
> > > 3 stage charger that is top. I also have several surplussed apc
> > > backup uninterruptible power supplies that make nice clean power,
> > > I have several 3k and a few 5k supplies. 2k in solar with xantrex
> > > pwm charge control. I will upgrade to a Morningstar mppt in the
> > > future. I also have a Lister diesel I wish to use to drive a 555
> > > jho alternator and regulated to 48 v
> >
If I went battery, I'd go on up to about 60 cells of LA. Or about 130v 
fully charged. We have quite efficient multi-kilowatt rated inverters 

My grandfather was resourcefull. We had electric lights driven from a 
wincharger, on a farm 15 miles from "town" aka Winterset, in 1940. He'd 
setup a sturdy bench in the ice house, and had sold half his crop of 
corn and brought back from town 5 or 6 of the big glass telco LA 
battery's until he had 16 of them, and knob and ball wired the house for 
electric lights using 32 volt bulbs. Then when the Maytag put put miss 
miss backfired and broke grandmas ankle, he said that was enough, took a 
team of horses and a wagonload of oats to town and came back with a 
motor and enough wire to electrify that Maytag.  First electric washing 
machine in rural Madison County IA, the same place Eastwood & Streep 
made famous in that movie about the Bridges of Madison County. The REA 
finally came down the road to that farm in the later 50's. It was a far 
piece back in the sticks then & still is, the road ends there. I took 
the missus back there in the 90's to show her where I got started, even 
found the remains of the first school I ever went to, stone rubble walls 
nearly 2 feet thick but its thatched roof had fallen in 40 years back.

This has been an educational side trip, but I learned about the hidden 
costs. And here in WV, theres no grid-tie laws. Coal country.

Thanks Chris.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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