The O.P. wants to run his central A/C off this.

This means a CONTINOUS draw of 350 amps from a 12 volt battery.

Think about that 350 amps.   This is going to be one friggin large bank of
batteries and as much as I would like to say "go with LiPo" or some other
exotic type. the COST would be horrific.  As it is a battery this size is
going to cost between $15K and $20K using best value lead acid.

Going off grid is really hard and EXPENSIVE.  But today the best solution
is not off-grid.  It is a "grid tie" system.   This works because you don't
need the $20,000 rack of batteries.   What you do is run off the wind and
solar when it is available and off the grid power when wind/solar is not
available.    The grid acts just like a battery except it is free.   When
you have excess power the local utility buys it from you.   The you buy it
back at night when the solar cells don't work.   The effct is the same as
owning a battery but you save 20 grand.

OK if you want power during a utility power failure you do need a battery
but you don't need a big one because you just live without the air
conditioning so you do fine with 10% size battery bank

Of if you are really worried about power failure buy a Toyota Prius.  A
Prius has a gas engine and a really big generator that can power your
entire house if you instal a 110VAC inverter.   A Prius gas tank is
something like 10 gallons and will run your house for a couple days.  The
gas engine come on and off as required to top off the battery.    The Prius
has a $9,000 battery that works well for powering a house for a day or so
or for general tail gaiting.  A Prius is a LOT more powerful than a
portable Honda generator.  I have one of these and the MPG rating is
conservative at 50MPG.  It works well for doing to/from work too.

On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 4:50 PM, jeremy youngs <> wrote:

> >
> > In the midst of this, I would stay away from lead acid , you can find ev
> > take out batteries reasonable on fleabay, I recommend nimh if you can
> find
> > them as they require far less control than lipo . I have a xantrex 2 k
> > modified sine inverter that works very well and has a 100 amp 3 stage
> > charger that is top. I also have several surplussed apc backup
> > uninterruptible power supplies that make nice clean power, I have several
> > 3k and a few 5k supplies. 2k in solar with xantrex pwm charge control. I
> > will upgrade to a Morningstar mppt in the future. I also have a Lister
> > diesel I wish to use to drive a 555 jho alternator and regulated to 48 v
> .
> > I have the stuff amassed and several components test but not installed, I
> > try to gather a heap of parts then build. I will send a link to the
> Arduino
> > based generator control if you are interested.
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