On Saturday 11 August 2018 15:24:17 Ken Strauss wrote:

> I was also curious and found
> https://www.motioncontroltips.com/faq-why-are-so-many-designers-replac
>ing-re solvers-with-encoders/

Some excellent discussions there Ken, thank you.

One thing that was mentioned in another page there but only in passing 
was ptfe (teflon) in re sliding ways surfaces, and I'm curious about 
whether anyone has compared the teflon formula that comes in a 4 to 8 oz 
blue bottle from Dupont from the home centers, with the performance of 
the typical iso 68 vactra way oil. I occasionally have trouble with both 
mills getting away from the end of travel because of the rather severe 
unbalanced binding force of the x ways when the table is trying to get 
back to center at the end of the homing operation. My final home speeds 
are about 1/3rd of what it can do when more nearly centered if I want it 
to home reliably.

So for the next experiment since neither machine has anything resembling 
a one shot lube system for the ways, is to find out if this ptfe 
carrying lube is lower friction under this unbalanced load than two week 
old and dirty, drying out Vactra, when the ptfe tiger piss is also dried 
out. Or should I dismount the screws, remove the table, and drill the 
top of the Y slider so I can run some weedeater fuel line in and make a 
one shot I can feed from someplace on the post?  I'd done it for the 
ball nuts in the micro-mill because they have no dirt shielding 
whatsoever, but not for the way sliders.

What say the experts?

Thanks all.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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