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> Thats doing pretty good, but you're in the realm of on-offs no one else
> can fix too. I find thats the major objection to the pi, no one knows
> how it works but me.

Sorry, but I completely missed this comment?

"the realm of on-offs no one else can fix too" ???

The STM32 has no problem with MHz level bit flipping.   Reading or
creating is MHz level is not hard.
And the Pi3 has to be about the most well understood and documented
machines on Earth.  they
are ultra-common.

The pi still is beat by an Intel desktop PC but the Pi has that GPIO
header and you can get at signals.  The OS causes unpredictable
latency so use the STM32 if that matters.

As for compute power if the Pi is not enough you offload from the Pi
to the bigger box.    But for machine tools the Pi is overkill unless
you are doing vision.


Chris Albertson
Redondo Beach, California

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