Greetings Peter;

The 7i76d has a spindle encoder, so I'm looking for suggestions as to how 
to drive it.

The ER11 chuck has doubleD flats, but placing ATS-667's there precludes 
using a wrench to tighten a tool, so thats out.

The top/rear of the ER11 has a slinger disk around 1.25" in diameter, 
currently ummolested by any markings, located about 1/4" above the 
doubleD flats. Has anyone pulled the collet, and made cuts to drive 
ATS-667's, which would need two for balance symmetry, effectively making 
a doubleD out of the slinger which could then be sensed with the 
ATS-667's. Or perhaps painted so that photo-reflective sensors, if fast 
enough, could read the paint. At 24k revs, what kind of paint wouldn't 
fly off?

There is I think, an output available from the vfd too but I've no clue 
if its needing isolation or with the poor docs we have for this vfd, how 
to enable  it. I have not noted an ac voltage on the spindle-+ or speed 
wires, so the isolation may be in the vfd.

But two problems there, first being the top of the 8 bit value of the 
first 4 inputs being around 38 volts, considerable higher than I would 
expect from the vfd, and 2, I've just read thru the docs for the 7i76, 
hostmot2, hm2_pci, and sserriel and setsseriel, without finding out how 
to enable mode 1 so the first 4 inputs become analog enabled. Nor how 
much of a speed penalty there might be if those modes are enabled.

So some guidance is needed. I think it would be nice if the pyvcp tach 
worked, which it isn't now.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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