On Friday 15 March 2019 04:21:23 Bruce Layne wrote:

> I run pet safe RV antifreeze as a spindle coolant.  It's sometimes
> also used to freeze proof a toilet at a vacation home.  It's the pink
> stuff at Walmart.  It's cheap, even by our standards, Gene.  Don't
> dilute it. Run it full strength.  Nothing grows in it and unlike
> distilled water, it won't dissolve metals to reionize itself.
> Put 3-4 gallons in a five gallon bucket with a lid to keep crud from
> falling into the coolant and you probably won't need a chiller or
> radiator.  By the time the coolant becomes warm, your machining is
> finished.
Thats the general idea here too.

> Locate the coolant tank above the spindle if possible (negative head
> pressure) so you can run a small low power submersible pump.  You
> don't need much flow, and a high power pump will heat the coolant more
> than a small spindle.  The only disadvantage of elevating the tank is
> that a leak will probably drain the tank and make a mess.

My tank sits on the table with the machine, so its maybe 8" below the 
spindle and with both hoses under water, there is no siphon back, I'm 
running the pump that came with it, and as you say, leaving it on for 72 
hours will bring the tank up to 34C, so yesterday I added the hal stuffs 
to put the pump under lcnc control, runs from 1 second after the spindle 
starts, and for an arbitrary time after its shut down, 5 minutes or so 
for a cooldown cycle. Whatever I setp the timedelay.  Now I just have to 
wire up the relay. I'll eventually have 3 relays, one for the mister 
air, one to turn off all motor power when motion is disabled, and one to 
do the spindle coolant.

> I use a strip thermometer on the side of the spindle motor.  It
> changes colors to indicate the temperature so I can see at a glance if
> the spindle motor is running over 120 degrees F (that's 49 Centipedes
> for those who have a Royale With Cheese instead of a Big Mac because
> of the metric system).

Chuckle, we measure in Big Macs on this side of the #2 pond, but I'd 
guess we're both using the same lcd strip with a 40C top reading. Made 
for aquariums, I've not got it that hot yet.  Might when carving a 
gunstock.  Thats on my mind as a future project, I have a decent looking 
piece of maple I did by hand on a 50 cal BP and I've had an enquiry or 
two when I've taken it to the range for exercise. That will probably 
need an ABC rebuild on the spindle as its in thumbhole style.  Or there 
will be handwork drilling the thumbhole.


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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