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> On Fri, 15 Mar 2019 at 13:06, Gene Heskett <ghesk...@shentel.net> 
> > That will probably
> > need an ABC rebuild on the spindle as its in thumbhole style.  Or
> > there will be handwork drilling the thumbhole.
> Total work to hand-work a thumb-hole or three will be _far_ less than
> setting up and debugging a 5-axis setup.

My thinking is similar Andy. Particularly with the limited power of my A 
axis now. I'll need to write a slicer I expect so it will be able to 
start with a 2.5 by 7. And I'll need to get a better probe than the $68 
one I have now. Looking at the wild horse as the next step up. Just 
digitizing this one may make me wish I had a ups big enough to run it 
for the 5 or 10 seconds it takes the Generac to get started as I don't 
think that will be a one day job at the resolution I have in mind.

I also have faint visions of bed extensions to mount the dead center and 
A drive on. It will use all of the 600mm run room, potentially maybe 
even doing it in two setups as I don't recall actually measuring it for 
length. BP usually has a forestock that reaches pretty well to the  
muzzle just to have a place for the ramrod, so this one has a cherry tip 
that extends it about 3".  Ditto the pistol grip, has a 1/2" cherry 
bottom on it. Almost too much artisticly.

But that may also be a personal preference.  I tend to make this stuff 
fit my hands which are best described as square, fingers aren't near 
long enough to play a piano well, but when I go to buy gloves, I only 
look at the XXL pile, otherwise the wrist is too small to let my hand 
in.  And then I have 2" of empty fingers once I have them on. 

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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