Don't discount pump heating of the water.  Last week I was working on one of 
our machines that was down with several issues (much larger spindle 19hp).  One 
of the problems was the cooling fan for the water was dead.  It was a lower 
priority than some of the other problems, so I was working on it for a couple 
of hours with the power on, then went look at the cooler and I was shocked at 
how warm the water was.  Without the spindle running at all, in the time I 
worked on the machine, the water temp had risen from room temp to about 3 times 
higher than it normally is with the spindle cutting and the cooling fan 
working.  The fan and radiators are very important on this 5 gallon cooling 

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> When I had a coolant tank, for a different purpose, I put automatic "anti
> freeze in the water.   It is make just for this purpose and is
> non-corrosive with materials used in car engines.
> Also, if the water recirculates it will eventually warm up.  I put a 12
> volt fan on the tank lid and made it into an evaporative cooler.    Then
> you top off the tank with new water now and then.  If the water is 
> taking even 25 watts of heat from the system it will heat up quite a 
> lot unless you rig some kind of cooling.

How about using a radiator like
which is intended to cool CPUs? It comes with mountings for three 120mm muffin 

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