> The worst thing thats happened to te life of a LA battery in the last 50 
> years has been the incorporation of the regulator into the alternator, 
> adding the resistance of the cable which softens the curve a lot, and 
> the relatively quick heating of the alternator.  Way faster than the 
> battery. Late vehicles are doing good to get 4 years out of a battery.  
> The wife's 2007 toy RAV4 is on its 4th battery now, and I don't believe 
> the acid has ever gotten up to 1.26 SG even after a 600 mile trip to FL, 
> or a 435 mile trip to NY from here. She has kin in both places she'll 
> never see again unless they come to us.

It might be good to bubble batteries a little bit to get acid circulating but 
driving the car probably have the same effect. I vaguely remember someone 
mentioned something about putting asphalt on gravel, flat enough surface and 
there are no circulating then driving.

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