> ...
> So once every 1/2 second a message starting with 0x40A shows up on the bus 
> and everyone sees it.  The Charger and in this case also a small display are 
> the only ones interested in it.   The charger uses the information to set 
> charge on/off, voltage and current.  The display grabs the information and 
> shows what the current charge voltage and max current are set to.
> The charger also reports in a different message what it measures for battery 
> voltage and what the current charge current is and it reports if it's 
> enabled.  That's all identified by the Object Dictionary entries at 18xx and 
> 1Axx.

I am familiar with CANopen communication and also to some degree battery 
charging. The old style open Lead-acid batteries should bubble like home brewn 
mash before they are done.

CiA 309-3 is to access a CANopen device over TCP/IP and as I added it could be 
used to access dictionary of devices connected to Linuxcnc.

Nicklas Karlsson

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