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> a quick google reminded me why this was familair
> try googling 'spray nozzle'
> i got
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spray_nozzle
> and it showed me that the flat surface exit made NO atomization
> thats not what you want, sorry

The internal nozzle, delivering the liquid is a flat faced rod of about 
1/8" (3.15mm) diameter, with perhaps a #66 drill hole for the fluid exit 
in the center.  The covering and adjustable brass tip which can be 
screwed in and out to control the clearance between the sharp shoulder 
of the liquid jet, and the actual orifice the spray comes out of, is as 
a first guess too large to generate the air velocity needed for a good 
siphon effect. The siphon effect, to get a 6" lift for a fluid that is 
very close to plain water, takes around 50 psig. At that psig, the joint 
leakage air volume comeing out between the pieces that make up the 
steerable hose far exceeds the amount of air actually exiting the nozzle 
itself. The air conpresser will not long tolerate a continuous run as 
its a direct drive design, needing much more cooldown time than run 

So what I'll try next is to pressurize the liquid container, and restrict 
the liquid flow, which should give me relatively coarse, fog free 
droplets at 10 psig. The problem would appear to be both the so-called 
needle valve is not a true needle, and poor machining resulting in a far 
from complete shut off.  But I've not removed the stem of this valve 
yet, which also has a packing gland collar, for inspection and possible 
modification.  So since the missus likes coke, (I, as a diabetic, 
officially hate the stuff) and I keep a 6 pack of 8oz bottles for her 
that she has probably forgotten I have, she gets to drink one because I 
need the empty. :-)

So thats my next experiment.  Then I think I'll put some switches in my 
gcode and move all the interfaces output connectors to the other side of 
the box, leaving only the db25's.  Makeing two panels is looking more 
and more appetizing.  And since the switches for home and limit are now 
about 6 weeks since paypal paid for them, I sent the vendor a "where are 
they" message this morning. I have a tracking number, but everytime I 
click on it, the estimated delivery is pushed out another 2 weeks with 
no other info.  Doesn't smell right from here.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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