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> Hi Gene,
> > And you lose a lot more air thru the poorly molded flex joints,
> > probably 5x what comes out the nozzle.
> > And I've been cogitating on how to restrict the fluid flow, so
> > haven't made any chips yet.
> Considering the price of these coolant units
> <https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mist-Coolant-Lubrication-Spray-System-for-
>CNC-8mm-Pipe-Lathe-Mill-Drill-Machine/262805869835> is it worth messing
> around with what you have? They have the coaxial pipe design so the
> joints aren't under pressure. The needle valves are a bit coarse but
> they do work. They are also pretty easy to convert to my long nozzle
> design with some 2mm stainless tube
> <https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-304-Stainless-Steel-Capillary-Round-Tub
> I have some misters that are very similar to yours. They are sitting
> on a shelf waiting to be used for spare parts.
> > That way any particulates that get thru the sintered bronze filter
> > on the end of the feed line in the coke bottle will hopefully not be
> > so coarse as to block off the pinched area, AND theres nothing to
> > corrode over time.
> I haven't had a lot of luck with pinching pipe to regulate low flow
> rates. Your mileage may very.
> The outer air pipe in the misters I linked above is pretty simple. It
> is just a piece of nylon pipe that is a close fit in the flex joints
> and swaged out at each end to form a seal. If you can find some pipe
> that fits inside your mister flex joints you could probably do
> something similar.
These are already coaxial.  Its the air that leaks like a spaghetti 
strainer. Not a bad design, but bblb manufacture for sure.
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