Pierre Neidhardt <ambre...@gmail.com> writes:

> And here's the answer from the GitHub issue:
> Tag Editor (https://github.com/Martchus/tageditor) might just be the
> answer we are looking for.
> - Multiple formats (m4a, ogg, flac, mp3, etc.)
> - id3v2 support.
> - In-place tagging.
> - JSON output.
> I've tried it and it seems to be working very well so far.
> A tad heavy on dependencies, maybe...
> What do you think?

There is nothing stopping us from adding support for this program, but
it certainly can't be shipped alongside Emms. Any idea if it is packaged
with any major distros (it isn't in my Trisquel install)?

I'm currently looking at mid3v2 as well as an option for id3v2.

We may end up with multiple backends for tagging, just like we have

To be clear: multiple backends is not the result I am hoping for, but
may be better than nothing at all (maybe...)

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