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Hi, Ana,

I’m sorry that your post got cycled into my “clutter” box and I’ve just located 
it.  It’s so interesting and important that you flag the significance of early 
listservs for their activism.  Thanks ever so much for calling attention to the 
history of Stumble Upon.  Your own posts have so motivated and informed me over 
the years.

Another parallel project from the early days of listservs and what I think of 
as “digital discourse” is CTHEORY (ctheory.net) overseen by Arthur and 
Marilouise Kroker.  Although an electronic journal, the Kroker’s project served 
very much as a forum for digital activism at the moment that listservs where 
assembling themselves.  A couple of years before Melinda founded –empyre-, I 
collaborated with Arthur and Marilouise to co-curate CTHEORY MULTIMEDIA 
(ctheorymultimedia.cornell.edu) as a means to providing a conceptual home for 
activist pieces of internet art, addressing focused subjects such as “Tech 
Flesh: The Promise and Perils of the Human Genome Project,” “Wired Ruins: 
Digital Terror and Ethnic Paranoia,” and “Netnoise.”  

I remember first talking with Melinda about –empyre- when she presented it at 
ISEA Nagoya in 2002 and feeling empowered by how this interactive discursive 
network could activate and extend the kind of uni-directional projects of 
CTHEORY.  Some of the most satisfying months I’ve moderated on –empyre- over 
the years have brought together various international artists and digital 
activists whose posts have enlivened the community.  Your positive and 
affirmative posts always have worked to bring together –empyreans- to think 
collectively about the challenges and opportunities presented to us by digital 

Ricardo and Patrick already have signaled nettime and other early listservs, 
and it would be cool if others on the list could also post about their activist 
work on listservs and social media.  



Timothy Murray
Director, Cornell Council for the Arts and Curator, CCA Biennial
Curator, Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art 
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Professor of Comparative Literature and English
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