We have a remote Windows application publishing product with many different 
native clients: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android. Most of these compile 
from the same C++ code base. We want to use Emscripten to create an HTML5 
client. I've been tasked with implementing the build environment.

First question: What OS produces the best outcome?
Most of our development is done using Visual Studio 2008 so Windows is the 
most desired OS for developing the Emscripten client port to HTML5. We are 
not interested in upgrading to Visual Studio 2010 just to get the 
Emscripten vs-tools functionality. If/when we do upgrade it will be to the 
latest version of Visual Studio. Mac OSx and Linux are possible options but 
not everyone is as comfortable developing with them so there will need to 
be compelling reasons to use one over Windows.

Second question: Assuming Windows is a valid answer to the first question, 
what is the best build solution?
I'm having trouble finding any information on where to start with Visual 
Studio builds that don't use Visual Studio 2010 and the vs-tools. It looks 
like cmake is the most likely choice, but I'm not familiar enough with 
'make' build systems to know for sure.

Any advise is greatly appreciated and if there is a post or blog that I 
missed a link would be great.


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