I'm trying to replace old code with the emscripten fetch API, using the 
example code given 
here: https://kripken.github.io/emscripten-site/docs/api_reference/fetch.html 
following the "Synchronous Fetches" section. Our library is then linked 
with --proxy-to-worker flag.

At run time, I get an exception: libfaust-wasm.js:4 missing function: 
emscripten_fetch_attr_init. I've tried to add emscripten_fetch_attr_init or 
_emscripten_fetch_attr_init in the EXTRA_EXPORTED list, but this actually 
fails a library link time (warning: invalid item (maybe a typo?) in 
EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS: emscripten_fetch_attr_init)

The libraries is compiled using emscripten 1.37.32

Any idea of what could be the problem? Thanks.

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