Hi everyone,

The next GNOME release is scheduled for 14th March - exactly one month from
today. This means that it's time to think about release marketing!

Things that we usually do for releases include:

   - Release notes
   - Screenshots for the release notes and screenshot pack
   - News story for gnome.org
   - Email Friends of GNOME donors
   - Social media plan
   - Release video
   - Support release parties

We will need help with many of the other tasks if we are to complete them
on time. (I'm happy to focus on the text for the release notes and probably
the news story.) Please let me or another team member know if you are
interested in helping out.

Also, if you have any ideas for other things we could do, it would be great
to hear them.

Some tentative deadlines for this:

   - 28 February - release notes finished and released to the translation
   - 7 March - send press packs out under embargo
   - 14 March - publish news story and release notes, email Friends of
   GNOME donors

This is a slightly more aggressive schedule than we've done in recent
years, but it is really what we should be doing in order to give
translators enough time and to allow press outreach to happen.

How does that sound?

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