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> Things that we usually do for releases include:
>    - Release notes
>    - Screenshots for the release notes and screenshot pack
>    - News story for gnome.org
>    - Email Friends of GNOME donors
>    - Social media plan
>    - Release video
>    - Support release parties
> Some tentative deadlines for this:
>    - 28 February - release notes finished and released to the translation
>    teams
>    - 7 March - send press packs out under embargo
>    - 14 March - publish news story and release notes, email Friends of
>    GNOME donors
> This is a slightly more aggressive schedule than we've done in recent
> years, but it is really what we should be doing in order to give
> translators enough time and to allow press outreach to happen.
> How does that sound?
Stick them on issues, and we'll get them figured it out.  One thing I would
like to do is to reach out with VM preview images to various media people
and have them take a look at it so we have a lot of reviews on roughly the
same time.

One other new thing is to see if we can get on podcasts.  It would be great
to see you or Carlos and Neil out there.  We haven't traditionally done
that kind of outreach but I think it would be good to do that.

I would do it, but I'm already doing podcasts on behalf of System76 and
Pop!_OS and I don't want to muddle messaging or confuse people but I can
certainly help with messaging for these things and it will be fun.

As for the social media plan, it would be good to have some highlights and
teasers in social media if we can do that.  Build up some anticipation.

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