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> Hi all,


> Please take a look at the wiki page and let me know if you have any
> questions or comments about it. I'd love to give this list a chance to send
> feedback before we send it to foundation-list. I'll also add this page to
> tomorrow's Engagement team agenda in case anyone has further thoughts then.

I already expressed this concern earlier when this was discussed
amongst the board and was told this would be taken into account, but I
see this hasn’t been addressed so I’m raising it again.

The amount of $50 can be a good indication of what organizers should
aim for, but having already organized a number of small events I can
tell this doesn’t work that well. Let’s take an example to illustrate
this: I’m organizing a hackfest next month so I’m looking at having a
social event for attendees. The page suggests buying pizzas and
drinks, which sounds like a good plan. How far along can $50 get me? A
look at menus show me that it’ll be over $10 per person. I expect
something between 8 and 15 attendees, so this allocation will not be
enough. Even taking a less ambitious goal with a past example of a
release party, I paid a round of drinks but that wasn’t enough to
cover all of it. So the threshold probably should be tied to the
number of attendees.

Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director
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