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> Here's the new text:
> How much can I request?
> Each request will be processed on a case-by-case basis, so please tell us
> how much you think you'll need and why. To set expectations, we hope most
> event organizers will request under $100 USD, since our funds are limited,
> but we will consider each request.
> The amount you request should depend on the number of people attending, and
> how much things cost in your geographic region. For example, it might cost
> $10 for snacks for 10 people in Indonesia, but $30 in the US.

Thank you, that is way better.

> Does anyone have any additional suggestions for the budget section or any
> other part of the small events page?

Two more things I noticed:
* There is no notion of timeframe. It would be good to set
(reasonable) expectations without necessarily making them a hard
* It says “Total budget requested in USD” but the board agreed that
foundation members shouldn’t have to take the hit for fluctuations in
conversion rates, and other currencies are supported by the tools we
use for reimbursement. Therefore the approved amount should be in the
currency preferred by the requester.


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