On 12.02.18 13:52, David wrote:
> On 2/12/2018 7:14 AM, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
>> I'm pleased to announce the 1st beta version of Enigmail 2.0. This marks
>> a major milestone in the development of Enigmail. In the two years since
>> the last major update, we improved and changed quite many things. The
>> code base grew by more than 18%, and another 6% of the code was modified.
> <snip>
> Since this is a major change of Enigmail is it 'safe' to install this
> over the existing Enigmail 1.9.9 or should it be uninstalled first?

You don't need to uninstall Enigmail 1.9.9 - Thunderbird will do that
for you.


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