During today's IRC meeting the question came up why we do not have
TravisCI build getting reported to the channel.

When I initially wanted to do this I stopped when I saw that it will
report results from all branches, not only master. There seem to be no
way to configure the branches it should report on. I thought it would be
to noisy and did not enable it.

The feedback I got today was that, as long as the branch the report is
for is clearly indicated, it should be ok.

I enabled this now and tweaked the message layout a bit.

For now it will report build results in all branches for failures and
for the case where a build got back from bad to got. I considered the
report also for all good builds, but I do not really see the value in it.

I wanted to have this running for a while and collect feedback. If you
have a problem with it being to confusing or noisy let me know. We could
move it to a separate channel (like we have with e-commits), but this
also means less visibility to the reports.

Stefan Schmidt

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