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Andrew Williams <a...@andywilliams.me> wrote:

> Hi,
> Since Edi is no longer hosted on e.org it seemed inappropriate to
> push it to old download locations. It has been posted on GitHub for
> years so it's not the immediate transition that it seemed to you.

Ok no problem, I can switch URLs to github for edi.

> The .gz -> .xz was an artifact of moving to Meson which was done in
> parallel with E - neither had a major version bump, and why would it
> as that was not delivering any significant improvement to the users
> of the app.

Actually the others are still there, I just need to change which is
used in the ebuild. Not sure if there is a benefit to having an
additional release tarball. 

I will use

Instead of

My fault there, I should have caught that sooner. 

> If there is any build problem let me know, but moving from one to
> another will happen. I have updated the blog post for any packagers
> following - thanks for the reminder.

I got it covered now, accept for the bear program. Not sure where that
comes from, maybe something go related. The clang stuff may have been
there with make, and I never noticed it, or new with meson. Either way
i addressed that and fixed a few issues with my first ebuild. So the
clang USE flag works and can be built with and without clang.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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