On 11/08/18 03:39, Mike Blumenkrantz wrote:
> Hello,
> For some time now, everyone in the community has been expressing
> significant dissatisfaction with the current project management software,
> Phabricator. A number of individuals have proposed switching to Gitlab for
> various reasons.
> Some will recall that recently all of the FDO infrastructure migrated from
> Phabricator to Gitlab thanks in large part to an incredible, hand-crafted
> migration script authored by notable open source figure Daniel Stone. While
> this script was not exactly what could be used to migrate our own
> infrastructure, it gave me an idea.
> Thanks to a low-pay intern who just graduated and whose name I don't
> recall, work began to modify the original FDO migration script and update
> it to handle various features exclusive to our usage of Phabricator. Thanks
> to generous hosting provided by the basement of the intern's parents, I was
> able to review the work as it progressed to see if it would be worth
> showing to the community.
> Weeks have passed, and now, thanks to many sleepless nights and long
> weekends that this devoted intern spent doing devops work, I was able to
> provide justification for more robust hosting and acquire a cloud service
> to host an official proof-of-concept for a Gitlab migration:
> https://gitlab-prototype.s-opensource.org/
> Some notes:
> * This is read-only for now
> * User creation is disabled, don't bother trying
> * Issues with their comments have been imported
> * Patch submissions have been imported (the intern screwed up some of the
> early imports so there are a few patches without the diff inlined)
>   - Comments on patch submissions cannot be imported because Phabricator
> has no API for retrieving comments on patch review
> * Wiki pages are not imported since some decision-making is required
> As is easily noticeable, not all projects have been imported by my intern.
> Importing the repo takes some time on its own, and then running the
> migration script takes a variable amount of time on top of that depending
> on the size of the project (EFL was estimated to take 10+ hours to fully
> import).
> Wiki pages have not been imported. On Gitlab, a wiki is project-specific
> and so it is impossible to do a 1:1 copy unless we decided to stick
> everything onto a specific project. We would have to decide how we want to
> do this.
> If we decided to switch to Gitlab, there would be a number of questions
> that need to be answered:
> Q: How do we migrate?
> A: Gitlab cannot accurately mirror all of Phabricator, it can only do a
> one-time migration of projects. This means we would at some point lock phab
> and then begin migrating, likely over a weekend for the major projects with
> the remainders being added later.
> Q: What happens to phab?
> A: We would likely want to keep phab in read-only mode for a while after
> the migration since all the migrated tickets/patches will provide links to
> it. We can later evaluate if we need to keep it running.
> Q: Where would this be hosted?
> A: The provided link here is a cloud service which will be funded for the
> foreseeable future. At present I am very strongly opposed to hosting this
> anywhere on the existing EFL infrastructure since it has been impossible
> for anyone to get access to any part of the server or to have tasks
> reliably handled in anything but a random and notification-less manner. A
> community project cannot have infrastructure which is unable to be
> accessed, managed, or maintained by the community which is using it.

+1 from me, we have a self hosted gitlab at work (not that I use it
regularly as most of our stuff is on github).

Also +1 for cloud hosting, but bonus points if we have a setup created
with salt, puppet.... that means we can automate the setup of the VM's
so that we can easily migrate to another cloud provider in the future
should we need or want to.


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