Kim Woelders schrieb:
> Yes. UCS-2 is used as internal encoding in this patch. It is what I 
> found all in all seemed to give best results.
> It might be considered to use UCS-2BE internally to avoid some byte 
> swapping, but I got in trouble with that somewhere.
> I have a similar patch where the internal encoding is wchar_t and 
> mbstowcs/XwcDraw[Image]String/XFontSet are used.
> I found it very hard if not impossible to select a proper font set. 
> Either I'm stupid or that just doesn't work properly.

I hoped that maybe Xmb* or Xutf8* (maybe not very portable) functions 
could work.
> I'm fairly convinced that using UCS2 is fine for all practical 
> purposes and I think that implementing utf8 support at all is more 
> important than going for completeness and support for ancient whatnot :)

That's true :).
> It could also be considered to use Xft, but again, I'm having trouble 
> selecting the font I want in stead of some silly antialised one. 
> However, there are reasons to try and get this right (the old X11 font 
> system kind of being on the road to deprecation).
> /Kim

Sorry my ignorance, I haven't imagined that it could be such 
complicated. And of course if you have to choose between "impossible" 
and "works for everyone", you should take the latter. :)


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