I've been having this issue for a while now. If i attempt to run
terminology from Enlightenment's applications menu, it does not open a
new terminal. Instead it will simply put the focus on an existing
terminology window. If i happen to attempt to open a new terminology
window on another virtual desktop, it also moves me to the desktop
where that window happens to be. And it doesn't even open a new tab in
that window. Every once in a while, though, i get the expected
behaviour of a new terminology window opening. Unfortunately, this
happens so rarely that i can't figure out under what conditions this

The terminology help has the following (and i'm not sure if this appies) :

  -s, --single            Force single executable if multi-instance is enabled.

But obviously i'm not using command line switches when trying to open
in from the menu. I've also checked any terminology.desktop files to
make sure the relevant line (Exec=terminology) does not have the -s
option. Is this even what this option would do? Also, "if
multi-instance is enabled" implies there must be some way of enabling
it, but there don't appear to be any compile-time options that mention
anything resembling this.

Further, if i run terminology from the command line (either
terminology's own, or another terminal such as uxterm) i DO get the
expected behaviour. A new window opens every time.

The only other thing i can think of that might be affecting this are
the existing terminology window's remember options. I have these

Identifiers tab:
window class: terminology

Properties tab:
position, size, border style, virtual desktop are checked

Options tab:
match only one window
start this program on login

The idea is to open a terminology window on login with the desired properties.

I'm running terminology 1.1.1 (this may have started when i upgraded
from a previous version, come to think of it) and Enlightenment

Does anyone have an idea what might be happening? Any more information
i can provide?


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