> -s should bypass this and force a new process. it sees multiple
> instances one process has become broken somehow. disabling that should
> get you back to normal.

Hmm, using "terminology" or "terminology -s" from the command line
both start a new process. But then again, starting it from the command
line has never been a problem.

I changed the line in my terminology.desktop file from
"Exec=terminology" to "Exec=terminology -s", but for some reason, that
file is not being re-read. I logged out and back in again, and every
*.desktop file in /usr/local/share/applications/ was accessed (looking
at "ls -lu") EXCEPT terminology.desktop. And it's not a permissions
problem, every file there has 0644.

Why would E not be looking at this file, and only this file? Another
symptom? E doesn't like terminology at all? :)

I'll wait for the next EFL release and try again... Unless it's going
to take a while and use what's in git instead.


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