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On Mon, 20 Aug 2018 00:02:33 +0100 Peter Flynn <pe...@silmaril.ie> said:

Two recent annoyances:

1. I accidentally clicked on the Luncher Grid in Add Widgets to Desktop
so it's sitting in the middle of my screen and I can't get rid of it:
none of the mouse buttons do anything meaningful and DEL doesn't delete
it. How do I get rid of it?

normally a right click would have a menu for the gadget and remove would be in

Turns out Alt-rightclick brings up a menu

don't use bryce. it has usability issues.

It was recommended on this list and I've been using it for a year or so without problems :-)

what you are talking about was an
ibar gadget pre-configured in the shelf.

No, when I install e, I get rid of the whole shelf/ibar thing, which is horribly confusing and massively hard and time-consuming to configure, and replace it with a bryce which works fine (except that I forget occasionally how to reconfigure it, but that's a usability problem inside my brain :-)

a bryce is empty there s you have it.
it needs stuff added. as i said - there are usability issues so i would not
recommend using them until they are solved. i certainly have tried bryce and
shouted at it, then deleted it. :)

Interesting. What are the usability issues you have encountered?

The only problem I had was on an old machine, possibly a timing error: if you try to re-position an icon by clicking and dragging, the surrounding icons don't move and redraw fast enough and e SIGSEVs and you need to hit F1 very quickly. Otherwise I just run my frequent applications, and right-click to get the + icon to add them.

Is there a schedule to replace ibar/shelf with an amended bryce? It's basically a Mac dock where you can add icons and gadgets. It doesn't need any more complexity than that.


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