On 23/08/18 02:12, Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> you hit one of the usability problems. it needs hidden bindings to use it (not
> obvious/srtandard way of accessing the controls).

I should have deduced Alt earlier, though. It's pretty standard...

> to change size of a bryce you need ctr mouse wheel... what if you
> don't have a mouse wheel? 

Right, but I suspect the number of people wanting to change the size of
the bryce is fairly small.

> what if you don't have a keyboard around (touch screen only)?

That too, but I don't know of anyone attempting to use e on a
touch-screen device.

> i am actually looking at doing just that.

That would be wonderful.

> no. it's an issue with bryce as you have to be told about the magic keys"
> needed to control it.

I just Googled for it and Alt was revealed to me in a cloud of thunder :-)

> above. need alt+ left mouse click+drag to move things around. 

Hmm. I have just been using left-click-and-hold to drag icons
horizontally or drag them into oblivion.

> [...] that's not touch friendly which turned up
> in linux much more recently than the shelf in e, bu solvable with a long-press

I didn't think that any Linux worked with touch screen devices. I looked
last year, as I was in the market for a new laptop, and I reckoned it
would be 4–5 years before the hardware would be stable enough to write
for it in an open source environment where you don't have commercial
access to the APIs or privileged access to the specs.

> the other is setting up of the gadgets. you have a list of them...

Bryce is being renamed, apparently. That's probably good. It's called a
dock or a toolbar usually.

I would elide the difference between gadgets and applications. As far as
the user is concerned, they are just "things" that execute which they
want on the bryce, and they should be able to find them in the main
menus together. Example: the clock should be in Menu > Applications >
Accessories > Clock. You really don't need separate ways to add gadgets
and applications to the bryce.

For setup, each menu entry should allow right-click to bring up a menu
of "Add to Bryce" and "Add to Desktop" (maybe also Remove as well,
because swiping icons off the bryce to remove them is risky...one
blurrrp in a background process suddenly ignoring all input, and your
accidental movement can remove an icon without you noticing (see my
rants _passim_ about why OS-initiated background processes must never
cause user input to be ignored).

There needs to be an obvious way to add third-party binaries to the
bryce: those which are not "installed" in the normal way, like user

Despite what you say, I think it's an excellent and largely usable
interface method, and hugely preferable to shelf/ibar (I never actually
understood which was which and why there were two things that you can't
tell apart :-)


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