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> Hi all.
> I just got a new laptop ( yay! ) which has a touchscreen. I'd like to be
> able to use it, tablet-style, which would require an on-screen keyboard
> that I could activate ( eg by some keybinding ).
> I found the 'Virtual Keyboard' module, under 'Mobile' in settings. But I
> can't figure out how to use it :/ eg I can only make it appear by loading
> the module ... I can't make it pop up and disappear on demand. Also
> keypresses don't go to the last active ( or currently active ) window.  Is
> this module ready? Are there docs somewhere? Are there other options I can
> look into?
> Thanks :)

oh i forgot to mention - vkd does add 3 actions u can bind something to (a key,
mouse or acpi event) that are show, hide and toggle the vkbd - so it's kind of
up to you to figure out what would toggle/show/hide this depending on your
hardware :)

yes - having config by default have such bindings might be nice but i'd need an
idea of std events to set up. also detecting by kbd plug/unplug events (e.g. if
zero kbds are plugged in then vkbd shows, and once a kbd is plugged in it hides
etc.) the problem here is knowing what is a real kbd and just a dummy kbd
device. i'd need some config gui to blacklist specific devices to ignore when
looking for a kbd auto plug/unplug. i just haven't done any such thing yet.

this also needs wl support. i looked but i couldn't figure out a way of mapping
the keysyms correctly in wl so it could use the same config.

also this probably should hook into input methods as opposed to just send key
events if its doing prediction/correction for sure. again 0 just needs work..
but it is usabel/works as is. with some config effort you could binding it some
button or lid event from acpi or something that indicates if a detachable kbd
was plugged in or not - or there is a special kbd button on the screen unit etc.

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