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> Hi all.
> I just got a new laptop ( yay! ) which has a touchscreen. I'd like to be
> able to use it, tablet-style, which would require an on-screen keyboard
> that I could activate ( eg by some keybinding ).
> I found the 'Virtual Keyboard' module, under 'Mobile' in settings. But I
> can't figure out how to use it :/ eg I can only make it appear by loading
> the module ... I can't make it pop up and disappear on demand. Also
> keypresses don't go to the last active ( or currently active ) window.  Is
> this module ready? Are there docs somewhere? Are there other options I can
> look into?

it'll only work in x FYI. it doesn't come and go on demand. it's always there if
loaded. you can move it around, configure it to stick to an edge of the screen
etc. it used 2 fingers to drag it around/move it. (or ctrl+left mouse). there
are 2 layouts included. the default uses a dictionary to do correction so u can
mis-type (hit somewhere near the target key) and it'll fix it up. it's not
prediction (where it completes the word given a beginning) or like swype.

when the default correcting kbd is correcting the "default closest correction"
is in the middle in blue, with less likely results going outwards to the left
and right swipe to the right to enter a space (and to accept the default
correction) or press the correction u want in the list. swipe left to
backspace. swipe down to insert and enter. swpie up to switch kbd layouts. this
will cycle between multiple layouts. one is the default, one is "symbols and
numbers" and one is "full terminal layout" which when used does not correct and
dumbly inserts the keys presses as-is.

this all relies on the x test extension working and efl's xtest support not
being disabled.

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