>>>>> "DD" == David Dykstra <d...@fnal.gov> writes:

DD> Does this also imply a new fuse3 package in pagure & bodhi?  Or
DD> could it still be part of the fuse package but have a separate
DD> fuse3.spec?

It would have to be a separate package repository and receive separate
updates.  It is not possible for a source package in EPEL to have the
same name as a source package in RHEL, even if the build products
(binary RPMs) have different names.

Note that a package review is not required to create a package
repository named "fuse3" (or "fuse3.7" or whatever) when the "fuse"
package repository already exists.  See
When running fedpkg request-repo, use the --exception flag.

 - J<
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