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  1) Re: Responding to EV Naysayers
        by "1sclunn" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  2) Re: VW Rabbit adapter plate
        by "1sclunn" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  3) Re: De-Ox, was : Burning up L6-30 Connectors?
        by "Joseph H. Strubhar" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  4) Renault LeCar Parts
        by "Tony McCormick" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  5) Electric Scooter
        by "Chad Peddy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  6) Re: Silent Running was(Re: Responding to EV Naysayers)
        by John Wayland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  7) Re: Silent Running was(Re: Responding to EV Naysayers)
        by "damon henry" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  8) EV List constipation
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  9) EVLN(GM crunches Voltrod, McCollister eyes RAV4 EV)  
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 10) Re: Surplus aircraft nicads
        by "Joe Smalley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 11) Re: Surplus aircraft nicads
        by "Joe Smalley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 12) Re: Surplus aircraft nicads
        by "Joe Smalley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 13) EVLN(Donated GEM transports patients)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 14) EVLN(GEM delievers second harvest food)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 15) EVLN(Ford uses abandoned nEVs to get CARB credits)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 16) EVLN(McGruff buys GEM with drug money)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 17) EVLN(Voloci Ebike established SAVE fund)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 18) EVLN(GreenCar Oil/Auto nEV prophecy)-long
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Well, the charger's installed and certified. At some point Toyota will be
> releasing our new RAV4. Woo Hoo!

certified ?

> This will be our second EV, and we're currently in the process of dumping
> our gas ICE vehicles. I'm looking for a diesel pickup for the occasional
> long trips or work hauling. We'll be burning biodiesel for infrequent ICE
> usage. Well on schedule for our planned independence on fossil fuel for
> transportation needs.

> Only one problem left: Mindless friends constantly parroting the anti-EV

But when there gas cars brake and you give them a ride / tow  "o how sweet
it is"

> propaganda they pick up from the media. You know the type. They say things
> like, "Those solar panels you bought will take years to pay for
> (Gee, good thing they have a TWENTY-FIVE YEAR warranty.)
> Or, my personal favorite: "EV's pollute just as much as gas cars, but the
> pollution is located at the power plant". I then point at my solar
> panels...and sigh.

I point out that the power company has more power than it knows what to do
with at night and EV's charging at night helps there bis .  Each street
light could be a EV charging.

> Anyone know of a source of anti-EV mythbusting info? I'm looking for a
> point-by-point refutation of the most common anti-EV myths that we all
> so well.

Why don't we write one up on the list than we can just print from there ( I
would like on also)

> I'd like to print multiple copies to hand out in response to the naysayers
> blather, so I don't have to waste more of MY time explaining things they
> won't understand anyway.
I don't think your wasting your time .  I think that a lot of times we don't
realize how new this EV thing is .  Like some ocean liner or long train it
takes a long time to slow down (to bad we're headed for a brick wall) .

> The oil companies may run our government, but we don't have to buy their
> product , go Electric .
How about that for the title ?
Steve Clunn

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What method did your use for centering?
----- Original Message -----
From: "Roy Reker" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Friday, November 29, 2002 10:25 PM
Subject: VW Rabbit adapter plate

I am interested in buying a used coupling and adapter plate for an 8"
advanced DC motor to a VW rabbit. I have tried to make my own and had
trouble with runout and centering.

Also interested in a lightweigt aluminum flywheel for the Rabbit.

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----- Original Message -----
From: "Seth" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2002 4:52 AM
Subject: De-Ox, was : Burning up L6-30 Connectors?

> Can someone recommend a place to buy de-ox?
> Seth

Seth, any good commercial/industrial electrician or electrical wholesale
house has some around. The brand "De-Ox" is made by Ideal, I believe.

Joseph H. Strubhar


Web: www.gremcoinc.com
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>From Jamie:
>Tony I have the clutches light weight flywheels and cables all in stock now
 You might post that >on EVlist.

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--- Begin Message ---
I have been looking into converting or buying an electric scooter
I found just the place.


The EVT168 is an electric Vespa

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--- Begin Message ---
Hello to All,

Mike Chancey wrote:

> As I recall there was a test on that very subject several years ago.  The
> quietest vehicle in the test was not an EV, even though one was included in
> the test.  The newer ICE cars, especially high dollar ones, tend to be
> incredibly quiet.

I believe Mike took a turn without signaling on this one :-)  Damon Henry's post, the 
Mike responded to, was specifically talking about EVs being quiet from the 'outside', 
in pedestrians not hearing them as they approach.

>From Damon:

>I love the silence of an EV, but I also know there is a huge downside to
>this.  If there were a significant number of EV's on the road I believe
>there would be a lot more accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

I believe Mike is now talking about comparisons between cars for quietness from the
'inside' as in driving down the road.
Yes, many of today's luxo cars are made with filtering out of all noises as a prime
directive, regardless of how much weight and inefficiency is added in the process. 
Most of
the quietest ICE cars are heavier than normal, with lots of rubber isolation in the
suspension, special liquid filled engine mounts, lots of sound deadening everywhere, 
All of this makes some of these rides very quiet indeed, but coming at you from the
outside, they are still far noisier than most any EV, other than one with a noise
generating Curtis controller and or a loud vacuum pump, or god forbid, an EV with both!

Even the quietest luxury car has a loud radiator fan whizzing away, engine valve 
noisy power steering pumps, noisy AC compressors, multiple belts that make noises, and
loud tire noises generated when they are supporting a heavy vehicle, too.

My older converted EV was never offered with power brakes, it has manual brakes that do
not require a vacuum pump. It would be hard to find 'any' ICE powered car that can 
roll up
to a pedestrian in near total silence like my EV can....no belt noises, no fan noises
(with an exception of the cooling fan on the DCP 1200 controller, that most of the 
is off), no compressor noises, no vacuum pump noises, no power steering hydraulic pump
noises, no exhaust system rumble, no valve clatter, no controller whine...only the 
sound of the LRR tires, and at 5 mph or less, even they are inaudible. Simpler EVs like
the Sparrow and CitiCar too, do not have vacuum pumps, so they are also very quiet 
you are unfortunate enough to have bought a Sparrow with a Curtis controller).

See Ya.....John Wayland

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--- Begin Message --- I'm glad to hear this is a non issue then, because I really thought it might be a big problem. I guess I was thinking along the lines of a our light rail system here in Portland that has run over several people that stepped right out in front of it usually because of some kind of visual obstruction.

It does seem to me that we are talking out of both sides of our mouths though if we claim that EV's decrease noise polution, but fail to mention this really only applies in parking lots, yet when it comes to safety issues we are quick to point out that in most everyday use the noise is about the same.

I love EV's, and my Honda Insight fix just isn't enough anymore, I am still looking for a way to get into an EV soon. I do try to think about what would be the big problems EV's would create if there were millions of them on the road. I don't do it to detract from others enthusiasm, but simply as a matter of foresight. I started a thread one time on this list about how ICE technology was touted as a huge environmental boon since it meant that people would no longer have to wade through horse manure to get where they were going. There is no free lunch in this world so wide spread adoption of EV's would create a new set of problems to deal with. It may be hard to determine what those problems will be until they come, and that doesn't look like it is going to happen anytime soon, if ever. Then again, if you can sell a rock as a pet I suppose EV's still have a chance, somehow they just have to become the cool thing to have. Perhaps the Segway can be a catalyst. It at least has the interest of the mainstream press and even though it is totally over engineered for the job it is designed to do it has the potential to be a status symbol which may open the door for other EVs.

I know a lot of ICEs that are nearly as quit as EVs (at least at low

Anyway, give pedestrians and cyclists some credit. As a long time
cyclist I can tell you that I can here the tires of a car long before it
gets to me, especially if it's going fairly quickly (30+ mph). FWIW my
hearing isn't particularly good anymore either.

Personally I think this is a non-problem. Except in parking lots,
however, hopefully you can avoid running over too many shoppers when you
are driving at 5mph.

On Sun, 2002-12-01 at 17:42, damon henry wrote:
> I love the silence of an EV, but I also know there is a huge downside to
> this. If there were a significant number of EV's on the rode I believe
> there would be a lot more accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. I
> know that my ears are almost always first to alert me that a car is
> somewhere in the immediate vicinity.
> >Your vehicle doesn't have cold start pollution, fill-up service
> >station pollution, noise pollution (one of my favorites), etc.
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As has been POSTed, there is a delay between messages
being POSTed and POSTs being sent out to EV List

I have sent a message to the SJSU sys admin and he
is aware of our concerns.

The last newswire POSTs I sent, took 50 minutes to
be sent out.

So, until there is a resolve, expect a traffic jam
delay before your POST is sent out.

The bright side is, at least the listproc is up,
and it we only have a delay.


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EVLN(GM crunches Voltrod, McCollister eyes RAV4 EV)  
[The Internet Electric Vehicle List News. For Public EV
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 --- {EVangel}
Man says he's empowered by electric car

Simi resident likes the perks so much that he's replacing
his EV1 with another model
By Staci Haight, Staff writer November 27, 2002

When Charlie McCollister first got his pale blue,
teardrop-shaped electric roadster, he quickly learned the
inconvenience of the GM product -- getting fewer than 100
miles per trek and then having to recharge for up to two

He once took a trip from Simi Valley to Palm Springs that
lasted 10 hours, and the one time he ran out of power he was
in rush-hour traffic in downtown Los Angeles. Because of the
car's mechanical structure, it had to be loaded on a
flat-bed truck instead of being towed.

But as the years passed, McCollister mellowed, became
accustomed to his EV1 electric car and hasn't visited a gas
station in seven months, though he occasionally drives by to
see how much gasoline is going for these days.

GM has decided, however, it will no longer produce electric
vehicles and is doing away with its program.

McCollister, 63, said he will turn the car he named
"Voltrod" in today, but, plans to turn around and lease
another model, an electric version of the popular RAV4 by
Toyota, next month.

"It's kind of sad, like I'm losing an old friend," said
McCollister, a flight attendant with United Airlines.

The Simi Valley resident was one of the first in Ventura
County to take advantage of a $5,000 incentive to lease one
of three new electric cars in the state.

In 1996, auto manufacturers were under a state mandate to
start producing electric cars as part of the effort to clean
California's smoggy skies. Cars are the leading source of
pollutants that combine to form ozone, the main ingredient
of smog.

GM was the first manufacturer to introduce an electric
vehicle -- the EV1 model.

The company built about 1,000 vehicles featuring what
officials called the most advanced electrical drive system,
which required no oil changes, tune-ups or other maintenance
common to gasoline-powered vehicles.

The car also featured keyless entry and operation. A
specialized number code punched into the car's door would
unlock it and that same code starts the engine, which is no
louder than humming.

However, the car operates on 26 12-volt lead-acid batteries,
which cost about $20,000 to replace. It costs about another
$300 to install a battery charger in the garage. Battery
chargers also are found at nearly 300 locations in the Los
Angeles area and at most city halls and malls.

McCollister expects to receive about $9,000 in state
incentives to lease his newest electric car --essentially
cutting the lease price by almost half.

"The car has a lot of perks. You can go in the carpool lane
with only one person, park for free in all metered parking
in Los Angeles or at the airport ... and there's no
maintenance on the car," McCollister said.

He plans to pick up his new RAV4 after returning from
Australia, where he's going to watch a Dec. 4 solar


Simi Valley driver's ready for second electric vehicle
By Grace Lee Staff Writer

SIMI VALLEY -- It was a dim beginning for electric car
enthusiast Charles McCollister six years ago.

After his car used too much electricity on the steep Conejo
Grade between east and west Ventura County, the Simi Valley
man barely managed to pull the sputtering, bullet-shaped
vehicle into his driveway.

Neighbors, expecting a harbinger of a speedy, clean-fuel
future, simply laughed.

McCollister recalls that memory fondly now. Prompted by
General Motors' termination of its money-losing electric car
program, he is preparing to trade in his GM-made EV1 car for
a newer set of electric wheels.

"It's really sad. I feel like having a member of the family
leaving. We've had so many wonderful adventures," said
McCollister, 63, who plans to purchase a Toyota RAV4-EV
electric car in December.

McCollister was one of the first drivers in the county to
lease the EV1 electric car, which he dubbed "Voltrad."

Taking advantage of a $5,000 incentive offered by Ventura
County, he was able to lease the car for about $300 a month.
The EV1 could travel a distance of about 60 miles, running
on 26 12-volt lead-acid batteries that cost about $20,000 to

With an upgraded battery, the car could last 100 miles. And
although it only reached a top speed of 60 mph, the car
could be recharged in the garage overnight or at many
shopping centers, Metrolink stations and city buildings.

McCollister has other reasons to like electric cars.

Beyond the advantages of never buying gas again or paying
for oil changes or tuneups, he has the satisfaction of
knowing he's contributing to cleaner air.

"I'm doing my part," he said.
But the road has been rough along the way.

McCollister concedes that it took time to work out the
temperament of his electric car, learning to drive without
sudden spurts of speed or stops.

Particularly humiliating was the afternoon he ran out of
electricity in the middle of downtown Los Angeles during
rush-hour traffic. Drivers snickered as a tow truck dragged
away the beleaguered car sporting the license plate: "The
Future is Electric."

McCollister's EV1 was one of about 950 electric cars that GM
built to meet a 1996 state mandate that required car
companies to build electric cars as part of an effort to
clean the air.

GM spokesman Donn Walker said the company had begun
designing the electric car before the mandate and that it
was the firm's technology development that made the state
realize it could order companies to build electric cars.

After spending $1.2 billion designing and building the EV1,
said Walker, the company decided to stop marketing electric
cars because "we could never make money on it."

But for McCollister, at least, the future is still

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Batteries emit gasses when charged. Some of the acid gets out of the vents
of vented lead-acid batteries and gets into the air. Your nose confirms this
by the sulfur smell. You do not want the acid mist to get into the NiCads.

You can
1. run sealed batteries so no acid mist escapes or
2. you can move the battery to another compartment of the trailer so the
acid mist is outside the trailer or
3. you can leave the car out of the trailer while the lead-acid batteries
are being charged or
4. you can regulate the lead-acid charger so that the lead-acid battery does
not gas acid out of the vents.

I don't know if the NiCad venting has enough base in it to cause a problem
with lead-acid batteries.

Joe Smalley
Rural Kitsap County WA
Fiesta 48 volts
NEDRA 48 volt street conversion record holder

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2002 2:12 PM
Subject: Re: Surplus aircraft nicads

> Question, I realize one should not have NiCads stored in the same room as
> lead acid batteries the Current Eliminator resides in an enclosed trailer
> with a pit cart powered by lead acids also the 15kw genset is started by a
> lead acid battery. Should I be adapting the genset and pitcart to NiCads
> also?
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--- Begin Message ---
The manufacturer expects you to overcharge the cells on every cycle. That is
why they use so much water. If you overcharge them less, they lose capacity
on each cycle. I have never run them for an extended period to determine if
the capacity comes back when they are routinely overcharged again.

Joe Smalley
Rural Kitsap County WA
Fiesta 48 volts
NEDRA 48 volt street conversion record holder

----- Original Message -----
From: "John G. Lussmyer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2002 10:54 AM
Subject: Re: Surplus aircraft nicads

> How tolerant are NiCd's of over charging?
> How tolerant of 100% DOD?
> Operating Temperature?
> --
> John G. Lussmyer      mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Dragons soar and Tigers prowl while I dream.... http://www.CasaDelGato.com
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--- Begin Message ---
I would be concerned that the two parallel strings might have different end
voltages and would need some sort of pack isolation at end of charge.

If the cells are well matched, they should work fine in parallel.

If they do not match, then I would use two separate charger feeds.

Joe Smalley
Rural Kitsap County WA
Fiesta 48 volts
NEDRA 48 volt street conversion record holder

----- Original Message -----
From: "Seth" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2002 11:22 AM
Subject: Re: Surplus aircraft nicads

> 2)Haven't done it, but voltage rise at end of charge is more pronounced
> that NiMH (to 1.6vpc), which makes them easier to parallel during
> charging. They also don't seem to peak like NiMH do. They just bubble a
> lot at 1.6vpc and sit there; and as they are wet they are more tolerant
> to overcharge. Becasue fo all this and that they are about the most
> tolerant chemistry of 100% DOD or reversal , I suspect that two parallel
> packs would be fine.
> Seth

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EVLN(Donated GEM transports patients)
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 --- {EVangel}
Donated car transports patients to lobby

CHARGED: A Menifee Valley Medical Center volunteer is
thrilled about the free electric vehicle.

SUN CITY - Menifee Valley Medical Center received an early
Christmas present for its patients.

A small electric car, donated by Fritts Ford in Riverside,
should be up and running by this weekend to take patients to
and from the hospital lobby and the parking lot.

The cars resemble a large, luxurious golf cart.

Neil Ankrim, president of the Menifee Valley Medical Center
Foundation, said the foundation board approved the donation
in mid-September.

Karon Horta/The Press-Enterprise Neil Ankrim, left, and Ben
Jasinski check out an electric car donated to the Menifee
Valley Medical Center in Sun City.  "It just enhances the
transportation equipment we have to support our community,"
he said.

Ankrim said Bill Chamberlain, marketing director for Fritts
Ford, contacted him in July because Ford Motor Co. and
Fritts Ford, were donating the electric cars to nonprofit

Ford Motor Co. gave Fritts Ford 100 electric cars, a
one-time donation, Chamberlain said.

Lake Elsinore Unified School District and Linfield School in
Temecula also received cars, among other nonprofit
organizations, Chamberlain said. All of the electric cars
were donated in August and September.

Although the donations were made to promote the electric
cars, the vehicle also will benefit the hospitals, such as
Menifee Valley Medical Center, said Chamberlain.

The cars can be used for security, as well as transporting
the elderly and disabled from the parking lot.

Ben Jasinski, volunteer transportation coordinator for the
medical center, said the electric car will be available from
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Volunteer drivers will work four-hour shifts. Jasinski said
he needs at least two more volunteers willing to transport

The electric car can run 50 miles on one charge, said
Jasinski, and can go up to 25 miles per hour.

On a recent morning, Jasinski gave several visitors a ride
in the electric car.

Several medical center workers, including Auxiliary
president Francie Roy, wanted a ride.

Jasinski, a volunteer since 1994, said he is thrilled with
the electric car.

"It's spacious, it's easy to get in," said Jasinski, one of
the volunteer drivers. "It's low enough to get people in and

The white electric car, which costs $8,200, features a
digital odometer that records mileage and has turn signals
and a charge outlet. There's also storage space in the

The medical center's transportation equipment will now
include the electric car as well as a van and a golf cart.

Reach Julie Farren at (909) 368-9642 or [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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EVLN(GEM delievers second harvest food)
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 --- {EVangel}
November 30, 2002 Second Harvest: More food needed to stave
off area hunger this winter 
By KAREN A. DAVIS Sentinel staff writer

SANTA CRUZ ? The area?s neediest families did not go hungry
this Thanksgiving ? thanks to 131.6 tons of food and
donations given this season to the Second Harvest Food Bank
and its partner agencies.

But between now and the end of the year, the food bank says
it will need to collect an additional 328.4 tons of food to
insure hungry Central Coast families have enough to eat this
winter. That means each of the 1,000 barrels placed at more
than 500 area businesses and agencies will need to be filled
and emptied six more times by Dec. 30.

"Our motto this year is ?One more can, one more dollar and
one more volunteer hour,?" said Jeffrey Kongslie, food bank
development director. "Everyone will have to give a little
more than they did last year ... to assure we collect enough
food for the 45,000 people we are feeding each month through
120 agencies and programs."

Second Harvest supplies food to pantries and soup kitchens
throughout the area. For every $10 in cash donated, the food
bank is able to distribute $100 worth of food. Ninety
percent of those seeking help are children, seniors,
disabled individuals and working families.

Still, thousands of Central Coast residents who might
otherwise not need help are facing "food insecurity" this
season because of high housing expenses and unemployment,
according to a recent UCLA study.

A number of area residents have answered Second Harvest?s
call for help. Among them, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts
collected 6,347 pounds of food during "Scouting For Food," a
door-to-door effort in Santa Cruz and San Benito counties.

Area letter carriers, sparked by postal worker Sheila Payne
at the Santa Cruz Post Office, collected 15 tons of food in
one day during the Letter Carriers Food Drive. Meanwhile,
Granite Construction is raffling off an electric car donated
by Ford Motor Co. through Marty Franich Ford in Watsonville.
Wheel Works offered half-price oil changes with a donation
of two cans of food.

During the Harvest Food Drive, Santa Cruz and San Benito
county schools collected more than 44 tons of food.

For information on donating food or cash to Second Harvest
this season, call 722-7110, ext. 214. To volunteer at Second
Harvest or one of its member agencies, call 722-7110, ext.

Contact Karen A. Davis at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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EVLN(Ford uses abandoned nEVs to get CARB credits)
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Monday, November 25, 2002 - 7:12:53 AM MST
Electric Think vehicles new to parks
By Christine Walters For the Times-Standard

The National Park Foundation recently turned over eight
electric Think Neighbor vehicles to the Redwood National and
State Parks as part of the Proud Partners of America's
National Parks program.

They are among 500 of the zero-emissions, low-speed vehicles
Ford Motor Co. donated to be used in national parks
throughout California.

There won't be any more coming. Ford announced in August it
was pulling the plug on its Think electric vehicle division
because of poor customer demand and lack of government
support for the environmentally friendly cars.

Think Neighbors are similar to golf carts and can carry both
cargo and people, with a capacity of two to four passengers.
Producing zero emissions and almost no sound, they help
reduce air and noise pollution in the parks. A standard
120-volt household outlet is used to charge them, and they
are certified for use on roads up to 35 miles per hour.
Recharging can take as long as six hours.

Electric vehicle use in the parks will greatly reduce the
need for gasoline powered vehicles on short trips in the
campgrounds, as well as lighten the workload of employees
while transporting items from one location to another. The
Redwook parks people hopes the public will learn by example
that EVs provide a viable solution to increasing
environmental transportation problems, such as air pollution
and gasoline supply.

"With the North State's increasing air pollution issues, it
is important to find alternative transportation methods
through walking, bicycling and electric cars," a parks press
release said.

The vehicles will be used at Prairie Creek, Mill Creek and
Jedediah Smith Redwood State Parks, as well as Wolf Creek
Educational Center, Redwood Information Center, Requa
Maintenance Center, Crescent Beach Educational Center and
Howland Hill Outdoor School.

Ford said Think production disappointed. Ford, which bought
Norway-based Think in 1999 for $23 million and invested $100
million in electric vehicle battery technology since then,
will instead focus on developing fuel cell and hybrid
gasoline-electric vehicles to meet environmental regulations
for cars and trucks, spokesman Tim Holmes told Reuters in

Other automakers have also backed away from pure electric
vehicles, Reuters reported. Ford's rival General Motors, the
world's largest automaker, spent more than $1 billion to
develop the GM EV1 electric vehicle in the 1990s. But the
EV1 also suffered from a limited range of less than 100
miles before it needed hours of recharging time, and GM
stopped building the EV1 a few years ago.

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EVLN(McGruff buys GEM with drug money)
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* Drug money helps buy McGruff's car:
Two new sheriff's vehicles, bought with confiscated drug
money, were part of the Las Palmas Del Sol Sun Bowl Parade
on Thursday, officials of the El Paso County Sheriff's
Department said.

A new electric car was bought with about $9,000 confiscated
from drug dealers and will be used by McGruff the Crime Dog
in community outreach. The GEM car, manufactured by Global
Electric MotorCars of Fargo, N.D., works with batteries that
can be charged on regular house outlets for an eight- to
10-hour running time. The second vehicle is a 1994 Ford
Mustang that was seized in a 1999 drug case and refurbished,
thanks to about $8,000 in donations from El Paso business
owners. That car will become a show car to teach teenagers
about the consequences of drug trafficking.
Posted on Wed, Nov. 27, 2002 
New cars are real GEMS
Cars will be used to enforce traffic laws in downtown Wichita
BY VAN WILLIAMS The Wichita Eagle

The electric car that will be used to enforce traffic
ordinances in downtown Wichita lived up to its billing
Tuesday. When the egg-shaped vehicle, called the GEM, was
unveiled at the Hyatt Regency Wichita, onlookers greeted it
with "oohs" and "ahhs."

The GEM resembles a pumped-up golf cart.

No one seemed to remember that the charming car will carry
city employees -- to be called ambassadors -- to enforce
parking and traffic regulations downtown.

The ambassadors will, however, also help visitors navigate
the city's core.

Wichita Mayor Bob Knight and City Manager Chris Cherches
smiled like proud parents.

City Council member Joe Pisciotte was eager to jump behind
the wheel.

Others wanted to touch the futuristic vehicle, or take a
photo beside it.

Terry Cassady, a city development director who spearheaded
the ambassadors program, said the city's original blue GEM
will hit the streets as soon as three more arrive next week.
The others will be red, yellow and silver.

The distinctive GEMs may be small, but they'll be easy to
spot. The largely glass front of the vehicles read:
"Ambassadors... At your service."

The two full-time and four part-time ambassadors -- trained
by police -- have driven city cars the past three weeks.
They patrol the area bounded by Washington Avenue, McLean
Boulevard, Central Avenue and Kellogg.

They're not just meter maids, city officials said. They're
assigned to identify areas needing cleanup, provide
assistance for downtown visitors, walk workers to their cars
at night and help shoppers carry bags.

Knight called the ambassadors "the city's eyes and the
city's ears downtown," adding that they are part of the
city's decadelong effort to restore downtown.

Each ambassador carries a cell phone and a business card in
English and Spanish, with an e-mail address.

Though their work hours will be flexible, the ambassadors
are scheduled to be on duty from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday
through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

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EVLN(Voloci Ebike established SAVE fund)
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Souderton Independent
Grant to help SAVE with alternative energy project
By: SUSAN KNIGHT, STAFF WRITER November 20, 2002

The Sustainable Energy Fund presented the first installment
of its grant to SAVE (Students Against Violating the Earth)
Nov. 20 at 2:30 p.m. at the SAVE Project EFFECT
(Environmentally Friendly Facility Exploring Conservation
Technologies) house at West Broad Street Elementary School
in Souderton.

The $10,000 check SAVE will receive is the initial
contribution of a total of $14,000 in grant money that will
be given to SAVE.

At the same time, the Voloci Company in Scranton,
established by the Sustainable Energy Fund, will also
present SAVE with an electric bike.

The Sustainable Energy Fund is an organization established
by PP&L (Pennsylvania Power and Light Company) to promote
alternative forms of energy and energy conservation.

"We established a connection with them," said Ken Hamilton,
SAVE advisor and AP (Advanced Placement) environmental
science teacher at Souderton Area High School. "The
(Sustainable Energy Fund) director came down to the SAVE
facility, got a tour, and talked about different ways we
could help them promote alternative forms of energy. That's
where the grant idea was started."

The idea that was formulated was to create a facility that
can work entirely on alternative forms of energy.

Working with Merck & Company, which has an environmental
department and looks for environmental projects, SAVE is
going to build a storage shed made out of straw bale
construction which will be as environmentally friendly as

The idea is to create a hybrid energy system incorporating
solar and wind energies together to provide electricity for
the new building without needing any commercially supplied
(off grid) electricity.

In the Souderton area, there is not enough sustainable
alternative energy that can stand alone. There is a great
deal of solar power in the summer, but it decreases in the
winter. That is when the winds pick up.

"We think [by using both] we can come up with a consistent
reliable form of energy," Hamilton said.

This grant will provide funds to create energy
demonstrations at the SAVE house. "Some of the funds are
going to go towards creating energy education programs," he
said, "A portion will go towards installing alternative
energy systems to the SAVE house and to the new structure
we're looking to build."

He added, "As part of our project, we are also promoting
alternative forms of transportation, like our electric car.

"When we found out about the Voloci Company, we thought the
bike would be a great addition to our program, so the
Sustainable Energy Fund made a contact with the Voloci
Company stating our desire to have one. I'm not sure what
happened, but the president of the Voloci Company decided to
give us one of their first bikes as a gift."

That bike will be presented at the same time as the grant

"We want to promote this as an alternative to the
traditional combustion engine we always use," Hamilton

"One of the problems around here are hills. If we can come
up with a product to give extra help going up hills, it
might make it more desirable to use," he said about the bike
as an alternative form of transportation.

The bike can go about 25-30 miles per hour and can sustain
25 miles on a single charge. That may not be enough for
someone to go back and forth to work, but Hamilton said,
"The batteries are small enough, you can carry an extra one
in a backpack, pull out one battery and put in another one
for the ride home."

This presentation to SAVE will help the Voloci Company kick
off its promotion of the new vehicle.

©Montgomery Newspapers 2002 Be the first person to voice your
opinion on this story!

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EVLN(GreenCar Oil/Auto nEV prophecy)-long
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Green Car Institute, working with the Southern California
city of Chula Vista, the nonprofit Mobility Lab, and
DaimlerChrysler's Global Electric Motorcars business unit,
conducted a 60-day pilot project to analyze neighborhood
electric vehicles (NEVs) used under real-world conditions in
one of the nation's largest master planned communities.
Here, 28 participants who live and work within a "village"
of the Otay Ranch community used their GEM NEVs daily and
maintained a log of trips and vehicle use. The goal was to
quantify ways in which NEVs could be used effectively to
offset the use of conventional transportation for
short-duration travel needs where low-speed vehicles are a
good fit, and by extension how this might impact both
emissions and energy use.


Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Aim at ZEV Mandate

In the realm of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), Ford
has its Neighbor, due on the market in a few months.
DaimlerChrysler has its GEM cars, the relative long-timer on
the market with more than 5,000 pre-DaimlerChrysler units on
the road (DCX bought Global Electric Motors - GEM - last
year). Other iterations of this all-new type of vehicle are
no doubt in the pipeline elsewhere.

While the auto companies would certainly object to the
categorization, if you stopped anyone on the street and
asked them to identify what type of vehicle either of these
two models are, they would undoubtedly say "golf cart."

Automakers would protest that these low-speed vehicles
(LSVs) are much more, meeting specific safety requirements
and offering a full complement of car-like amenities. But
there's still that clunky golf cart look that's hard to

Enter the IT from Dynasty Motorcar Corp. (CNDX: DYC), a
Canadian company based in Kelowna, British Columbia. IT
looks like a car, albeit a small one. Among its features are
hinged, lockable doors and a trunk, 13-inch wheels,
headlights, and taillights. Functionally, it's the twin of
the Neighbor or GEM, seating up to four people plus luggage,
but in appearance it comes from another place. It aims to
look like a car.

The major automakers are scrambling to bring in NEVs or LSVs
as the most cost effective way of meeting California's 2003
zero emission vehicle mandate. If the numbers the California
Air Resources Board has crunched come to fruition, the state
could see 30,000 or more of these small EVs on the road by
2003, and even higher numbers in subsequent years.

The rationale is clear. Currently, full feature electric
vehicles as offered by the automakers are significantly
higher in cost than what can be recovered in the retail
market. Thus, lower cost, less functional EVs presently make
the most sense to the car companies. The reason: These
vehicles pose the most likely potential for either making a
small profit while meeting regulations or, in the worst
case, losing the least amount of money on their production
and sale.

LSVs, which feature a top speed limited to 25 mph and are
legal to drive in most states on roads posted up to 35 mph,
have been a profitable niche for companies like GEM. In
fact, they seem almost made to order for this type of
short-term fix.

However, GCJ editors point out that the sales volumes
projected for the next few years in California are
substantially higher than these vehicles have tracked in the
past. Combine that with the high stakes the major automakers
face in meeting the ZEV mandate and one can expect a
spirited battle in the marketplace.

That makes Dynasty's IT all the more interesting, since it
becomes a potential spoiler in a market expected to be
dominated by the major automakers and their big marketing
dollars. Dynasty, which has veterans of Western Star Trucks
and Orion bus operations in its executive ranks, has spent
the past year putting together its financial package to
enter the U.S. market.

The company completed an initial public offering and raised
additional private capital (about $8.5 million Canadian) to
fund IT's R&D and set up manufacturing facilities in British
Columbia. Dynasty's CFO, Kelly Kennedy, told Green Car
Journal he feels confident the company has enough capital on
hand to follow through on the vehicle launch.

The Kelowna plant shipped the first IT sedans to its
fledgling U.S. dealer network, comprised of five initial
dealers in the U.S. Sunbelt this month. Dynasty expects this
dealer network to increase substantially, a realistic
expectation considering the interest stirred during the
company's recent California IT tour.

Dynasty Motorcar is currently producing one vehicle per day,
but says it plans to "aggressively ramp-up" over the next
several months to a 10,000-unit annual level.

In addition to the $12,700 sedan, Dynasty's future plans
call for convertible, sports vehicle, and pickup versions of
its aluminum frame, fiberglass skin IT.

Dynasty Motorcar Corp., Internet www.dynastymotorcar.com

Driving IT to Market
Dynasty's little EV looks like a car, complete with four
locking doors and a trunk, but it really is more like a golf
cart masquerading as a car.

Green Car Journal recently had the opportunity to test drive
a prototype unit. Interior accommodations are sparse in this
early variant, but there is room for four adults and luggage
in the trunk. Still, most American drivers will need to
adjust not only to the idiosyncrasies of driving an EV, but
also those of a car significantly smaller than typically
found on U.S. roads.

The car's small size and limited speed -- which is legally
governed to 25 mph to meet U.S. and Canadian regulations for
this type of vehicle -- can lead to sort of a road-weary
inferiority complex on fast-moving roads, even if the posted
speed is 35 mph, the legal threshold for LSV use. Even a
subcompact sedan seems overwhelmingly large next to the IT.

Observations during the test drive show this prototype's
acceleration to be good, as is typical of electric cars,
with IT's 72-volt DC motor delivering solid power to the
13-inch front wheels. Charging is straightforward with the
car plugging into any 110-volt outlet; a 220-volt hookup is

It became apparent during the drive that the IT's steering
and brakes performed only adequately at best. The car's
independent suspension was also not what consumers have come
to expect from modern cars, although the lightweight, tall,
and narrow configuration of IT probably conspire to limit
this suspension's potential. Its hand-crank window mechanism
additionally took substantial effort.

Dynasty officials assure GCJ that further development work
is planned to increase the car's customer friendliness.
That's crucial because, in spite of the IT's appealing
looks, these refinements will be needed if Dynasty is
serious about a major assault on the consumer market.

That said, IT does not appear to face any insurmountable
development challenges. Given what appears to be a slow
introduction, GCJ editors expect Dynasty to continue
refining this attractive car, increasing its appeal along
the way.


[Green Cars is funded by and speaking for the Oil/Automakers]
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· Electric Power Research Institute
· Society of Environmental Journalists
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· Educational Development Specialists
· The Rivolta Group, Milan, Italy
· Petersen (now emap usa) Publishing Co.
· Motor Trend Magazine
· Campbell-Ewald Communications
· Edison Electric Institute
· Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas
· MotorUp Corp.
· Electric Transportation Coalition
· UQM Technologies

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