My Eudora email client also reports "Cal Frye via EV".


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At 12:33 AM 6/14/2014, Cor van de Water via EV wrote:
My Outlook also reports this message as:
"Cal Frye via EV" so apparently it works in some places...

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From: EV [] On Behalf Of Cal Frye via EV

Whether I use Thunderbird on Windows or Postbox (a "fork" of
Thunderbird) on my Mac, my client displays messages as having come from
"Chuck Hursch via EV" for example. In the message source, it's the To:
field, not the From: field, that is "Electric Vehicle Discussion List."
Are you sure you've got T'bird set to display the right fields?

For reference, my version of Thunderbird is 24.3.0 on Windows 7, and
Postbox 3.0.11 on Mac OS 10.8.5...
Best regards,
-- Cal Frye,

> Chuck Hursch via EV <>
> June 12, 2014 4:54 PM
> Some time ago the From field on the EVDL feed in my Mozilla
> Thunderbird email client changed to "Electric Vehicle Discussion
> List".  I'm finally caught up more or less with the feed, but I don't
> believe I've seen a solution.  So I can't tell who posted without
> opening the email.  After scanning the header source, the only thing I
> can really see is that the From line now has "via EV
> <>" after the poster's name, so like:  Peter
> Gabrielsson via EV <>.  These headers are sure a lot
> more complicated than when I was playing around with them back in the
> '80s...  Somebody on the List mentioned something about DKIM, but I
> don't understand that field.  I don't really see any way to deal with
> this in my email client. :-( Any ideas?
> Chuck

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