I grew up in Milpitas, and I remember a very steep hill on Calaveras when we
would ride our bikes to Ed Levin park. I'll bet you could regen 100% just
coming down that hill! LOL

If we cannot afford to take care of Veterans, then we should stop making
David C. Wilker Jr.

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My Eudora email client also reports "Cal Frye via EV".


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At 12:33 AM 6/14/2014, Cor van de Water via EV wrote:
>My Outlook also reports this message as:
>"Cal Frye via EV" so apparently it works in some places...
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>Whether I use Thunderbird on Windows or Postbox (a "fork" of
>Thunderbird) on my Mac, my client displays messages as having come from 
>"Chuck Hursch via EV" for example. In the message source, it's the To:
>field, not the From: field, that is "Electric Vehicle Discussion List."
>Are you sure you've got T'bird set to display the right fields?
>For reference, my version of Thunderbird is 24.3.0 on Windows 7, and 
>Postbox 3.0.11 on Mac OS 10.8.5...
>Best regards,
>-- Cal Frye,
> > Chuck Hursch via EV <> June 12, 2014 4:54 PM 
> > Some time ago the From field on the EVDL feed in my Mozilla 
> > Thunderbird email client changed to "Electric Vehicle Discussion 
> > List".  I'm finally caught up more or less with the feed, but I 
> > don't believe I've seen a solution.  So I can't tell who posted 
> > without opening the email.  After scanning the header source, the 
> > only thing I can really see is that the From line now has "via EV 
> > <>" after the poster's name, so like:  Peter 
> > Gabrielsson via EV <>.  These headers are sure a 
> > lot more complicated than when I was playing around with them back 
> > in the '80s...  Somebody on the List mentioned something about DKIM, 
> > but I don't understand that field.  I don't really see any way to 
> > deal with this in my email client. :-( Any ideas?
> >
> > Chuck

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