When doing things on the cheap / in less-costly mode ...

Way back when I had my first set of upgrades 
 part of which was to bump up my pack from 120VDC T125's to 132VDC T145's,
the professional converter (Mike Slominski, now retired, likely from all the
money I spent on my EV ...) used cheap (fan-less) infrared space heaters to
drain the pack
 He put several of them in parallel on my pack to get the correct amount of

This put a few cycles on the new pack before I got the EV back, let Mike
test the pack's capacity (see if his range calculations were right), and he
used the waste heat to warm up his open air garage (his power to charge the
pack, now heated the garage> Mike = 1smart-cookie)

These long heaters did not need a built-in fan, so though they were designed
to used 120VAC, they drained my 132VDC pack just fine (fully charged 150VDC,
end-of-charge 108VDC).

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