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>I've been researching solar vehicles.  There is a ration of panel to size of 
>vehicle to efficiency that is very interesting.  A couple of designs were 
>small cars with huge solar panels.  One and I think one of the first was 
>simply a velomobile with a flat solar panel placed on top. Two in the last few 
>solar challenges were very odd.  One an airplane like vehicle with a large 
>panel on top.  Another a long rectangle with an EVen larger panel mounted 
>above and sticking out on all sides.  If anyone can chime in on the 
>specifications of these rather odd vehicles I'd be interested.  Cruising 
>speed,, weight, motor etc.  They seemed very practical.  Lawrence Rhodes

>From what I've seen of those, I'd change that "practical" to "impractical".


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