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> That works for me, and it pretty much sums up what LEAF V1.5 (2013-2015) 
> displays right now.

Good to know that it's a feature of one of the first-tier electric vehicles on 
the market. Gives one hope that it'll be a standard long into the future -- 
and, hopefully, one that gets refined with future generations.

After all, it's not uncommon to have gas gauges on ICE vehicles that behave 
less than ideally linearly due to tank shape or voltage regulation or whatever, 
but I don't know that it's been a big priority for manufacturers to improve gas 
gauges over the years.

But an EV should have far more than enough computational oomph to do whatever 
is needed to properly refine a measurement of remaining kWh. If experience 
shows that the estimate is too optimistic over the bottom quarter of the 
display range, it's not _that_ hard to initially add a fudge factor to the 
software...and, eventually, some smart analytics to truly nail it.

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