I've now heard all the talk about 5 minute quick charging batteries and the 1 
megawatt per car requirement.  It's time to stop the madness.  As much as I 
love Tesla all their models are big energy pigs.  85KW!  Yes much better than a 
gas car of any size but when there are vehicles that can go further on less 
energy why not use efficiency and not sheer battery size to attain your goal.  
Stella the electric car that won the Cruiser Class of the World Solar Challenge 
has a 16kw pack that can take the car 375 miles with no sunlight.  Using the 
solar panels it can go further and faster.  Engineers seem to forget that it's 
not the range that hurts electric cars but the charging time.  If you reduce 
the pack size charging times will lessen just by size requiring less than MW 
consumption.  Think of a ten stall quick charging station.  That might require 
10mw when fully deployed.  Then look at Stella at a Chademo site.  About 20 
minutes to 80 percent.  With those new batteries I couldn't tell you but very 
quick and it wouldn't need mega watt levels of electricity.  So I think the 
engineers need to put their thinking caps on, reduce the weight of every 
vehicle, make the CD of all new vehicles .16 or so and stop making these energy 
hogs.  Efficiency not Mega Watts.    Lawrence RhodesStella Solar Powered Car

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| Stella Solar Powered CarSarah Buhr goes for a ride in the the Stella, the 
first four seater solar powered car. on the TCTV Newsshow from TechCrunch TV |
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