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> With the right pack this vehicle out range and perform any factory EV.  It 
> will also be better when the factory EV is broken as it will be fixable by 
> the owner or any ev converter.  The factory ev will cost big bucks to fix.  
> When people realize this conversations will rise in value.

You would think that...but damned few people think like that any more -- at 
least, not in the States. Maybe in other parts of the world.

Here, value is equated with the number of cup holders and the amount of 
outgassing from the plastics -- the more outgassing, the better.

I paid $5K cash for my '64 1/2 Mustang. I'm putting a lot into it -- and I can 
because it's exactly that rot of super-flexible platform. But I'm going to 
spend significantly less on it than I would on a brand-new base-model 
Mustang...and, for me have a car I'd pick over a top-of-the-line brand-new 
Mustang _any_ day of the week. And then I'll add the plugin hybrid conversion, 
have the range specs (or better) of a Chevy Volt, still for less money than a 
brand-new Volt...and there will be few, if any, production vehicles that will 
be able to beat it at the drag strip.

But, you know what?

Almost none of my friends nor acquaintances would pick that car over a 
brand-new Honda Civic, or even a Civic a few years old with a couple dozen 
thousand miles on it. No interest in owning something like that, and certainly 
not in driving it regularly.

Too strange. Not enough cup holders. And it doesn't smell new, which means it's 
liable to break down any minute now...and who's going to fix it when it does? 
Certainly not the Honda dealer.

Your six-year-old car has a broken whatsit and the dealer wants five grand to 
fix it? Sucks, but you've been meaning to get rid of that old bucket of bolts 
for at least a couple years, now -- and the dealer is offering you a screaming 
deal on a trade-in, with zero down and no payments for six months, too! Why did 
you ever hang on to that jalopy for so long, anyway?


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