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I can understand the lack of potential conversion buyers.  My present EV, a 
1989 Ford Escort converted by a company in Santa Rosa, was on sale at one point 
for $2,000 but it never sold. Ultimately, the owner put it up for grabs on the 
local EAA list.  I put a set of new lead acid batteries in, and it has been 
relatively trouble free for the past three years.  It has had its share of 
mechanical problems, but it is a 1989 Ford Escort at heart.

The big quandary for my EV will come in a year or so when it needs another 
battery pack.  Does one spend over $8,000 to upgrade to a marginal lithium 
pack, charger, and BMS, or $2,500 on a lead acid pack that will work, but with 
the lackluster performance it has always had just to drive it a few thousand 
miles for the next few years?

Putting $8,000 into a battery pack for an old, and otherwise unremarkable car 
would seem to be the height of folly, particularly when modern but used, 
factory made EVs (Leaf, iMiEV) can be had for just a bit more.

Tom Keenan
But that isn't the end of the story. All you really need to do is get a Leaf or 
other pack for 2,500 dollars  maybe less...a lot less sometimes.  When it goes 
in your Escort it may have longer range because it will weigh 700 pounds less 
than the Leaf.  You will then have to buy BMS and charger but that is a lot 
less than buying retail.  That is what I'm going to do when I have the money.  
Lawrence Rhodes
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