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> We already went round and round with this "no self discharge, no BMS" fellow 
> a few months ago.

Yes, we did.

I think a good analogy might be the Tire Pressure Monitoring System found in 
every new car for ages. You could probably make a similar argument that those 
sorts of things are utterly worthless since any idiot with a $2 pressure gauge 
can check if the tires need air or not, so why pay the hundreds of dollars it 
costs the manufacturers to put it in every car?

If the obvious and substantial benefits of TPMS aren't obvious to somebody, and 
if the fact that the cost-conscious penny-pinching manufacturers don't try to 
make a few hundred dollars extra profit for themselves by leaving it out of 
their designs isn't enough to get that person to re-think opposition to 
TPMS...then there's basically not going to be any way to get through to that 

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