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> Compared to EVs, they were noisy, stinky, and
> unreliable.  The fuel was hard to get, and dangerous to store.

But there're a lot of big differences today. For one, the whole field of 
vehicles was brand-new -- as was the electric grid. For another, oil was 
literally dirt cheap; be careless with a pickaxe in Texas and you'd set off a 
gusher. The big one was the energy density of batteries...we just now, well 
over a century later, have batteries that are _barely_ up to the task of being 
built into competitive vehicles, even as the density of gasoline still stomps 
all over batteries. Back in the day, with lead acid and iron-nickel the 
bleeding edge of technology, there's just no way that you could even have 
pretended to have made intercity trips or plowed a field or the like with 
batteries -- but, even then, that was trivial with gasoline.

Today, you can buy a new electric vehicle at some of your local dealers. You 
can charge it at home for, with rounding, free. Huge numbers of people do so, 
and the most-talked-about cars these days, from Tesla, are all electric.

Are there even any fool cell vehicles for sale anywhere in the States? I'm sure 
there aren't any H2 stations anywhere near me -- maybe not even within range of 
the vehicle. What's the cost of H2 at the pump in those nonexistent places you 
can't get it? Are there any fool cell vehicles as cheap and as nice as my 
parents's $14K 2013 Leaf? Are there any as sexy as a Tesla? Who's racing fool 
cells -- where's the NEDRA equivalent, an Eva in her fastest-sidecar-on-Earth, 
or a Formula E? Stop people on the street; all will have heard of Tesla and 
will know about EVs...but how many are even aware that Toyota has plans to sell 
cars that run on hydrogen?

It's stil early enough in the game that a concerted effort could submarine EVs 
in favor of fool cells...but that window is closing fast, and is already almost 
closed. Indeed, VW may have just slammed it shut.

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