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> Maybe non-plug hybrid designers really don't care about battery capacity
> (though that woiuld surprise me).  However, for true EVs, we definitely care
> about usable capacity.

It'll be a function of total capacity, I think. A Tesla P85 could go all the 
way down to 30% of initial capacity and still be every bit as serviceable as 
the typical Leaf on the road today. Might be quite a problem for the person who 
bought the car new, but pretty much everybody driving a Leaf would be quite 
happy to swap it for a Tesla with the same range as the Leaf.

And when it's not uncommon for EVs to have total ranges in the same 400 - 600 
mile ballpark as ICEVs? A 600-mile car could lose a whopping 90% of its range 
capacity and still be perfect for anybody who today drives a Volt and never 
buys a drop of gasoline.

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