In the future self-driving (auton) capabilities are going to be part of any
car for sale, same as any other creature-comfort feature now offered (i.e.:
cruise control, variable speed wipers, USB ports, etc.) which are not needed
for the car to get from point A to B, but manufacturers put them in to
increase sales, and to keep-up with their competition.

Whether the vehicle is an EV (or not), what you drive will have the auton
option. Whether you want to use it, is your choice (and yes, yes, ... so
many in the past have already posted they do not want it, so pls don't
repeat yourself).

IMO for me, it is like cruise control: sometimes I may want it, sometimes
not. But as I am at the latter part of my life and see my future ... (I
could tell the car to drive me to the hospital, & later drive me home,

So for some, auton is a chance to get your name in the headlines for trying
to sue a car company, and for others it might be the occasional useful thing
(and everything in-between).

Why am I bringing this topic up now?
In my daily EV-news searches, I came across:
Wheego and Valeo Issued California Self-Driving Permits
October 12, 2016  The company's website says it now builds electric vehicles
designed “for a global market” and focuses on the benefits of connected tech
in making vehicles ...

A quick search on Wheego's auton efforts gave:
Wheego’s Self-Racing Car
AUGUST 12, 2016  Wheego and participate in the Self-Racing Cars
Event at the Autonomous Vehicles Track Day in May ...

Some may remember Wheego as that China-made nEV company, but their LiFe
model is highway capable:
The Wheego LiFe is a highway-capable version with a lithium iron phosphate
battery pack ... is a small sized car sourced from China, with electric
drivetrain and batteries installed in California. Its 30-kilowatt-hour
lithium battery pack is coupled to a 60-horsepower electric motor. Top speed
is 65 mph. It’s a commuter car, priced at $32,995 ...

So, which companies have CA permits to put auton cars on the road?
Here is a list:
Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program
As of October 11, 2016, DMV has issued Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permits to
the following entities:
Volkswagen Group of America
Mercedes Benz
Delphi Automotive
Tesla Motors
GM Cruise LLC
Zoox, Inc. [  Privately Held 
Silicon_Valley-CA  51-200 employees], Inc.  [  Privately Held 
Silicon_Valley-CA  11-50 employees]

Faraday & Future Inc.
Baidu USA LLC  [  Public 
Silicon_Valley-CA  51-200 employees]

Wheego Electric Cars Inc.
Valeo North America, Inc.
NextEV USA, Inc.  [  Partnership 
China  1001-5000 employees]

So, if you come visit Silicon_Valley-CA, it isn't going to be just those
little Google (bubble, noddy-car) nEVs that you will see in front of you
with the words  Self-Driving Car  emblazoned on them. 
Yup, ... these auton cars are coming folks.

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