EVLN: TAS DIY '70 VW Bug EV> restoration$ upped the total project cost
Burnie's electric VW Beetle is doing its bit for the planet
"I've always been looking forward to getting an electric car but the
commercial ones, when I started on this project, seemed out of reach," Mr
Lerchbacher said ...
EVLN: Yadea,Lightning JV> World's Fastest Hong-Kong FormulaE Motorcycle
Yadea Manufactures the World's Fastest Motorcycle in Joint Hands ...
HK), the leading electric two-wheeled vehicle brand in China, and Lightning
Motors Corporation ("Lightning") from the U.S. make their debut at the 1st
FIA ...
EVLN: Rimac Concept One EV beats(spanks) Porsche 918 Spyder ice in quarter
 ... the era of ICE supercars is over ... There is so much left for electric
vehicles to optimize while we've seen the biggest companies in the world
eaking out ever smaller improvements out of internal ...

Delaware EV-incentive amounts triple> looking to goose EV sales
Delaware finally adjusts green car incentive program to boost EVs
The state's inaugural green-vehicle perks program actually paid people more
to buy hybrids or plug-in hybrids than electric vehicles. Starting next
month, that ...
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