EVLN: $40k Lada Vesta EV r:120km-winter/180km-summer
Russia joins the electric car race
In late August, the Russian carmaker AvtoVAZ unveiled an EV prototype for
the Lada Vesta. Will the company be able to make an affordable EV car and
take on ...
EVLN: $30k Venus Motors plans to build customized “Veep” EVs in Costa Rica
In the U.S., Venus Motors occupied a niche of the niche electric car
industry. The Bend, Oregon-based company builds electric components for the
custom ...

RM2.2M($530k) MoU for 66 EVSE on major Malaysian highways
PDB, GreenTech sign MoU to provide 66 EV charging machines
Kuala Lumpur: Petronas Dagangan Bhd and GreenTech Malaysia Thursday signed a
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide 66 electric vehicle charging
pbs/newshr EV-report> (stodgy, out-of-touch, opinionated, w/ errors)
Companies race to make electric cars mainstream
 ...“So you’re betting people when they drive this thing" ... 'Tesla has
stuck their neck on the chopping block' ...
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