Cor van de Water wrote:

> Battery Disposal Cost:
> "When a battery-powered electric vehicle is involved in a collision,
>  the battery needs to be removed, discharged, frozen and then destroyed.
>  Getting rid of a large, lithium-ion battery can cost upwards of
> $30,000.00"
> Say what? Frozen? As in putting it into a freezer and freezing the
> battery?
> Why would anyone want to do that to a Lithium battery? Makes no sense at
> all.

Not a freezer: liquid nitrogen.  Apparently, this is actually one way that 
*damaged* Li batteries are (or have been) recycled: freeze them with liquid 
nitrogen to render them inert, then put them into a huge shredder.

It is not one of the ways mentioned in this paper, so perhaps it is no longer 
in use, or was never in widespread use?




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