It's been a great piece of transportation and some might consider it a
great piece of EV history as well.

I've already had two responses, from the same email address, wanting to
send me a check with a bit extra to send back with the shipper. His initial
email was to ask final price, even though it's clearly listed at US$7500. I
told him US$12,000 and he was ready to send the money. Yeah, right.

I will be happy to answer legitimate email questions and even happier to
sell the vehicle.
Small-paddle inductive charger included, mounted on a hand truck, connected
with NEMA 14-50 plug.This vehicle has been driven only on surface streets,
typically 45 mph and slower, getting as much as 90 miles per charge. Get on
the interstate, push that pedal a bit harder and see the expected range
drop to 50 miles or so.
Ice cold air conditioning (left out of the above post), cruise control and
aftermarket alarm system included. EVtradinpost doesn't format the text
well, making my typically verbose post even harder to read.

Not mentioned in the advertisement: the battery impedance chart is
available. They run from mid 7s to mid 8s which isn't too bad considering
the age of this relic.

When this one sells, there's another one behind it, a 2003 model for the
same price, coming soon to an evtradinpost near you.
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