That 1k' climb = 4mi flat might be more tuned for when walking
 (which is a slow efficient mode of transport)

Cyclists also try to understand the energy needed for a long ride

A GM Spark EV driver found this amount of energy used when climbing

For me and my former (rip) very inefficient S-10 Blazer conversion EV, it
took 3 times more energy to make a 2,100 foot elevation change over 7 miles,
drawing 300A to average 30mph in 2nd gear (point of reference, to maintain
my 4,400lb - 2 ton EV @55mph on a flat highway, I would draw on average 100A
when fully charged).

I know this because I was validating my way to see if I could make to Santa
Cruz from the SF South Bay, charge and make make the return trip back. The
heavy EV did not have the hp for Hwy 17, so I used the slower but less
demanding back roads route, see

At Saratoga, I mooched a L1 charge (this was before they had formal L2
charging) at its 500' elevation.
 I did this to top off my charge as a point of reference, so I could tell
how much energy it would take to climb to the pass' summit.

Winding my way up Hwy 9 (Big Basin Way)

 to Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35)

 and pulling over at the top of the pass to stop at the Saratoga Gap rest
area (a smallish parking lot with nil to see, but it is a trail head and a
break from the twisty-turny climb to the gap). The elevation numbers (500'
@Saratoga oldtown, 2600' @Gap pass) I confirmed using

I opened the hood and let the air-cooled C600 controller cool down (it was
hotter than a pistol but, solid as a rock, BTW cntrl co. is defunct). After
letting the pack rest for a short while (to let the pack surface voltage
rise), I took my readings.

I came to the conclusion that 3 times the energy was used by my heavy Blazer
EV to climb that elevation change at that speed. So, the 7mi distance was
like driving 21+ miles @55mph on flat Hwy 101.

Having accomplished that achievement, that led to many an EV adventure,
pushing my EV driving-range envelope, long before there was the public EVSE
infrastructure we have today in the SF bay area. 

I not only got to make it the Santa Cruz wharf

but other places like Alice's Restaurant

 (imagine showing up with cord in hand asking to plug while I waited for my

Though they had plenty of power, they had a large power panel set up just
for music bands that would come play there using 120VAC and 240VAC outlets
which I could have easily adapted to, they turned me down (EVs were just too
new for them to grasp the concept). The food was good though.

I've had plenty of good times with that Blazer EV ... I still miss it 

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